Child Concentration Requirements

Academic Course Requirements:

Students are required to take four academic courses:

  1. Advanced Developmental Psychology (PSYC 5410): This course undertakes, at an advanced level, a developmental treatment of child behavior on the basis of experimental findings and psychological theory.
  2. Child Psychopathology (PSYC 5303): An examination of diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis in child psychopathology.
  3. Methods of Child and Family Intervention (PSYC 323)

As well as one elective class from the following list:

  1. Any graduate-level Developmental Class (e.g., PSYC 5450: Infancy and the Effects of Early Experience; PSYC 5424: Cognitive Neuroscience Of Language Across The Lifespan)
  2. Faculty-approved graduate-level HDFS Class (e.g., HDFS 5115: Cultural Issues in Child Development; HDFS 5103: Adolescent Development)
  3. Faculty approved clinical psychology class (e.g., PSYC 5370: Current Topics in Clinical Psychology)

Clinical Experience Requirements:

Students are required to complete at least two years of clinical work specifically related to children and families. This should be accomplished through:

  1. Practicum in Child Psychotherapy (i.e., v-team; PSYC 6302)
  2. An additional year of child and family clinical experience
  3. Clerkship at a setting focusing on Child or Family Therapy Assessment

or an alternative experience approved by the Child Clinical Faculty (e.g., assessment team, Practicum in Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment (PSYC 6141), supervision of child v-teams, etc.)