An Intentional Learning Community

GoHuskiesOur Program represents an intentional learning community. In creating such a community, individual faculty and students relinquish some of their autonomy in order to pursue shared ideals. These ideals are operationalized in a coherent curriculum of study, standardized learning and evaluative activities, and shared codes of conduct involving fairness, compassion, and respect. Our learning community is more than the sum of its individual members; it has a history, a culture, and many rich and long-standing traditions, all of which are designed to promote the maximal development of both faculty and students. Some of our more salient traditions are:

  1. faculty and students embrace the Ethical Principles of Psychologists (American Psychological Association, 2003, 2010) in our professional activities. We use the standards and ideals embodied in this document as a means of guiding our interactions and working out differences;
  2. faculty treat one another and students in a dignified, collegial manner that respects our commonalties, our diversities, and our uniqueness. We do our best to be fair and impartial in evaluating one another and in our efforts to allocate resources;
  3. governance of the Program is shared between faculty and students. Although the faculty remain ultimately responsible for all aspects of Program functioning, student input is continually sought about all but personnel decisions;
  4. faculty attempt to deal with problems that students may manifest, with compassion and fairness; our procedures are designed to meet due process rights of students;
  5. faculty and students are encouraged to take appropriate risks in developing new professional skills, with the consultation of our peers and more experienced mentors. We continually renegotiate our commitments with one another as we face changing life circumstances. We avoid being avoidant;
  6. We believe that “good mentoring will produce good mentors: and we maintain mutually supportive welcoming contacts with our students during their stay with us and long after they have completed the Program.

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