Your Tasks During Your Fifth Year

In your fifth year, you may choose to serve as a supervisor on a vertical clinical team. If you are chosen for this position by the faculty, you will enroll in a year-long Practicum in Clinical Supervision which is melded with a course on the Didactics of Supervision and Consultation. These two courses will provide in depth coverage of theories and empirical findings relevant to providing clinical supervision and provide you with supervised practice in supervising less advanced students. All students are required to have supervised experience providing clinical supervision to junior students. Advanced students may serve as student supervisors for the first year assessment sequence, the vertical teams in the Clinic or in their research lab. The Supervision Competency Rating Form is included in Appendix O. These are to be completed by the faculty member who supervises your supervision experience.

During the 5th year, students can continue clerkship and/or teaching. Students must defend their dissertation proposal by the fall of their fifth year and before they apply for internship. They typically complete data collection during their fifth year and most defend their dissertation before they leave for internship. Students typically apply for internship in the fall of their 5th year. You may apply to internship sites all around the country. Internship sites will want you to have (at minimum) your dissertation data collected before you begin internship. Some sites will want you to have reasonable assurance that all degree requirements will be complete by the end of the internship year.

The internship application process is arduous and begins by having you examine information about available sites. You should begin determining site placements during the summer before you intend to apply. The Program maintains affiliate membership in the Association of Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Internship Centers (APPIC), a group that sets policies for member organizations. APPIC has information about every member internship program and maintains a portal website:, from which you can download the most current information about member programs and the application process.

APPIC has standardized its application format with an online application and matching process. Typically, students complete the internship during their sixth year and do not return to campus following their internship.