Your Tasks During the Third Year

The summer prior to your third year should see you completing and passing your General Examination that qualifies you officially for doctoral study (i.e., dissertator). Passing some sort of comprehensive General Examination is a requirement of the Graduate School, but the format of the exam is left to the discretion of individual graduate programs. In the Clinical Program, the examination is a review paper designed to engage students in critical thinking skills and to demonstrate the ability to navigate, integrate and articulate a complex array of theories, empirical research, and professional obligations into a well-written product. A copy of the General Exam requirements is located in Appendix G.

As you enter your third year, you should be completing your didactic course work, finishing your master’s degree (if you have not already done so) and engaging in your second year-long psychotherapy practicum. You should also form a faculty PhD advising committee (your advisor, another member of the Clinical Program, one faculty member from outside of the Clinical Division), and two additional readers, and prepare and submit the PhD Plan of Study form.

In terms of course work, you need to complete any remaining course requirements. You also will take your second year-long practicum in either Adult or Child Psychotherapy. If you complete Neuropsychological Assessment during your second year, you also have the option of taking additional courses in Neuropsychology and one or more Practica in Neuropsychological Assessment. In this course, you administer and interpret more advanced neuropsychological assessments under the supervision of psychologists who practice in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities for adults and children. These specialized practica can be taken any time after completion of the two didactic neuropsychology courses. Dr. Christine Yantz and Dr. Deborah Fein coordinate Neuropsychology Practica placements. You may also choose to complete advanced courses in other areas (Child Clinical, Health) in which you may pursue a Concentration (Child Clinical, Neuropsychology) or Certificate (Health Psychology). There are many certificates offered throughout the Graduate School. Information about them can be found here. You should also register for 3 credits of GRAD 6950 research each semester of your 3rd year.