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Understanding, prevention, and treatment of psychological disorders as well as promoting mental well-being.


  • Child and adult neuropsychology, particularly neurobehavioral correlates of disease progression in neurodegenerative disorders,  neurobiology of speech motor control, neuropsychological aspects of autism, cognitive processes underlying language development, development of neuropsychological assessment measures. We offer a training certificate in neuropsychology.
  • Clinical health psychology, particularly the effects of stress and depression on health-related behaviors and physical health outcomes, coping, religiosity and meaning-making, biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying mental and physical health, obesity and eating disorders, behavioral medicine interventions. We offer a training certificate in health psychology.
  • Developmental psychopathology, particularly attachment theory, peer relations during adolescence, maltreatment, adolescent motherhood, parent-child relationships, childhood anxiety disorders, language development in atypical populations. We offer a training certificate in child clinical psychology.
  • Autism, particularly early detection/diagnosis, short and long-term outcomes, language, underlying cognitive processes and executive functions, brain imaging.
  • Quantitative methods. Our program participates in specialized training in statistics, including a training certificate in advanced quantitative research methods.

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